It’s no surprise Jersey GOPpers appeared on the New Jersey shore, to greet their leader. Opening for their boss, a former Democrat.

Of late I’ve been thinking of the 2016 presidential election and the GOPper shenanigans it is engendering, the Klown Kar Krew crap show, the rise of Drumpf. Ugh. With foul ‘wingers on the brain, I was rocked by news of the deaths of Ken Howard (who portrayed Thomas Jefferson in the original Broadway cast of  1776 in […]

It’s not much fun being Blue in a Red State. But that pales against the nightmare that is being a progressive in a United States determined to act like World War II is back, one seemingly willing to forget horrific sins of the past. Some evangelical (and otherwise) Christians, usually so quick to scold the […]

Now is the time to take action against war and for peace. The specific instrument MoveOn wants to defend is the proposed Iran arms deal, which could be nixed by our representatives in the US Congress. Is the deal flawed? Of course. But it would reduce dramatically the likelihood that Iran will build an atomic bomb anytime soon. That’s why we need pro-peace advocates to contact their legislators right away.

Do something productive and important this Saturday, right now. Activist group Left Action is shining light on a legislative outrage and needs your help to send a strong message to GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell.

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