Mayor Megan Barry

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry — let’s call her Music  City’s progressive hope — sends a periodic newsletter paid for by Friends of Megan Barry that talks local events and issues. We share it here in the hope that it helps you stay informed on Nashville matters and that it motivates you to get involved! This […]

“This plan must be big and bold, and it has to start now.” So said Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, as she delivered her first State of the Metro address last Friday at Ascend Amphitheater before a huge crowd. Her speech addressed issues including snarled traffic, affordable housing, mass transit, new sidewalks, pay raises for city employees, […]

It’s almost Earth Day, y’all! This is the day each year we focus on the well-being of our home, our planet. The global environment-focused day of awareness and action, started by the United Nations in 1969, is marked officially this year on April 22. Nashville gets into the act on Saturday, April 23. If you care […]

The following are links to progressive-issue action alerts recently received. Get busy: Take action for a better world. And remember the words of Alice Walker: “Activism is the rent [we] pay for living on this planet.” Today, we have news of two #FightFor15 rallies being held in Music City this week. In addition, we’re asking you to sign a […]

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