Megan Barry

God bless our progressive mayor. I knew for sure that Megan Barry was a good egg and the right person to be Music City’s next mayor on June 26, 2015. That was the day the US Supreme Court finally did the right thing and made marriage equality the law of the land. No sooner had […]

In line with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ assertion that solving society’s problems will require input from We The People, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry is asking for citizens to help improve Music City’s traffic nightmare.

Another long but non-lucrative week behind the Uber wheel. Thank goodness I can find comfort in the knowledge that Music City has its first woman mayor: In case you missed it, despite polls saying the contest was neck and neck, last Thursday’s runoff election gave progressive Megan Barry a decisive 10 percentage point victory over […]

By the end of this day, we should know the identity of Nashville’s new mayor. Will it be progressive Megan Barry? Or will we be forced to endure a reign of terror under Fox News-anointed mudslinger and Tea Party Super PAC and One Percent-financed and organized muscle man David Fox? That depends on what we do today. If […]

On Aug. 16, Nashville mayoral runoff candidates Megan Barry and David Fox squared off at The Temple Church in a forum put on by Nashville Organized for Action and Hope, a coalition of 45 congregations, labor unions, and other community-focused organizations. More than 1,500 were held in rapt attention as the candidates answered questions surrounding issues including […]

Between shooting for Nashville and newly driving for Uber (gotta buy groceries!), had almost no time last week; apologies. Hoping this week will be less stressful and more forgiving. We’ll see. In the meantime, here’s what’s happening through Thursday in Music City, and one happening is huge: Thursday is Runoff Election Day. TUESDAY, SEPT. 8 […]

Just returned from a whirlwind three-day road trip encompassing Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. The first thing on the agenda upon my return was to drop by the Howard School to cast my early vote in the Metro Runoff Election.

Megan Barry’s post-election fete was a Party in the USA, as joyful supporters celebrated today’s win and geared up for the Sept. 10 runoff election against Fox News’ choice, David Fox.

Want to see a progressive in the Nashville mayor’s seat? I do, and I am not shy about saying it out loud. Megan Barry is my choice, and she needs your help.

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