“This plan must be big and bold, and it has to start now.” So said Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, as she delivered her first State of the Metro address last Friday at Ascend Amphitheater before a huge crowd. Her speech addressed issues including snarled traffic, affordable housing, mass transit, new sidewalks, pay raises for city employees, […]

Tune in to a special edition of Grateful Dread Public Radio‘s Green Tea this morning and afternoon: We’re featuring the Nov. 19 address by presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders in its entirety, a speech largely ignored by the mainstream media. In the speech, just over an hour long, the senator takes on important issues including […]

Last July, Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced legislation to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. “It is a national disgrace that millions of full-time workers are living in poverty and millions more are forced to work two or three jobs just to pay their bills,” Sanders said before an audience of 1,000 striking workers […]

Dozens of Nashvillians of all stripes — enthusiastic students, seasoned radicals, Democrats, and Independents — came together at OZ Arts in Music City Friday evening to participate in a grand USian tradition. We peacefully stood outside the site of the Tennessee Democratic Party’s 2015 Jackson Day Dinner to exercise our right to free speech. We […]

Mercury is in retrograde, which may explain why everything is scattered and black right now.  (A painful back injury has left me prone and miserable of late.) Happily, that depressing period should be coming to an end Oct. 9. That means perhaps there will be an upswing in all things personal and professional. Let’s hope. […]

Fall is here, and opportunities to make progressive change abound in Music City this weekend. Let’s take a look at a very full calendar covering Friday through Sunday. FRIDAY, OCT. 2 United for a Fair Economy and Working Films present Tomorrow’s Tennessee: Building for the Future. This conference, offering education, films, and “visioning exercises,” runs Friday through Sunday at […]

A perennial outsider muses: Tomorrow marks 19 months since my move to Music City from New Jersey. It has not been particularly pleasant. Nothing has gone as hoped or planned. I expected productive solitude, and instead found complete loneliness. Is that common for middle-aged transplants? What does one do when prospects are bleak, and there is nowhere else to go?

Another long but non-lucrative week behind the Uber wheel. Thank goodness I can find comfort in the knowledge that Music City has its first woman mayor: In case you missed it, despite polls saying the contest was neck and neck, last Thursday’s runoff election gave progressive Megan Barry a decisive 10 percentage point victory over […]

The in-box held this great progressive activism opportunity that shouted, “Share me!” The event info comes from Black Lives Matter, which says this happening is for everybody: Many of us spent the past year really hitting the ground hard organizing and fighting back against attacks that our people are facing everyday—through Black Lives Matter, Fight for $15, fighting for DAPA and […]

By the end of this day, we should know the identity of Nashville’s new mayor. Will it be progressive Megan Barry? Or will we be forced to endure a reign of terror under Fox News-anointed mudslinger and Tea Party Super PAC and One Percent-financed and organized muscle man David Fox? That depends on what we do today. If […]

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