The US’s most popular pol is in first, but a centrist billionaire bought his way into second.

The progressive firebrand tweeted that it appears the DNC ‘didn’t do their job.’

Centrist presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is using his billions to attract broke ‘influencers’ and get them to make him look ‘cool.’

It’s no surprise Jersey GOPpers appeared on the New Jersey shore, to greet their leader. Opening for their boss, a former Democrat.

Loose lips and tepid tea spilled may have served Republican Sen. Jodi Ernst badly.

“The American Dream isn’t a private club with a cover charge.”

The impeached president’s allegedly criminal conduct — and the hiding of it — could lead to legal trouble for his lawyers.

At least two people are dead and more are missing following a fire that caused “total destruction” of about 35 boats at an Alabama dock.

Pro basketball star and hero to many, Kobe Bryant and his young daughter were among a reported nine people who lost their lives in a fiery helicopter crash in Calabasas, Ca., Sunday morning. There were no survivors.

“In the same week President Trump said cuts to Medicare and Medicaid are on the table, we now learn that his administration is set to propose benefit-slashing block grants on Medicaid expansion.” — Brad Woodhouse, Protect Our Care

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