no nukes

If you are going to study a candidate to decide whether she or he deserves your vote, you must study the good and bad sides and decide what you can tolerate. Here is the sad truth: There is no perfect candidate, not even Bernie Sanders. Most of the presidential candidate’s supporters tout Sanders’ commitment to serving […]

Now is the time to take action against war and for peace. The specific instrument MoveOn wants to defend is the proposed Iran arms deal, which could be nixed by our representatives in the US Congress. Is the deal flawed? Of course. But it would reduce dramatically the likelihood that Iran will build an atomic bomb anytime soon. That’s why we need pro-peace advocates to contact their legislators right away.

Tomorrow and Saturday, some good Nashville peaceniks are making their way to Knoxville, where the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance is hosting its annual peace protest to remember the 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Got some free time over the next two days, and have a hankering to do some good? Learn how you can be part of the journey and celebration. And check out other Friday activities in Nashville.

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