The MSNBC host’s statements rocked progressives and revealed ‘any blue’ is a lie.

Sanders took a stand Trump still has not taken.

The progressive senator hit Twitter to condemn the votes by his Republican colleagues on Capitol Hill.

Trump is all but certain to be acquitted and to remain in office.

It’s no surprise Jersey GOPpers appeared on the New Jersey shore, to greet their leader. Opening for their boss, a former Democrat.

Loose lips and tepid tea spilled may have served Republican Sen. Jodi Ernst badly.

“The American Dream isn’t a private club with a cover charge.”

A Sunday spin finds white men raging, women laughing, an alleged presidential mob hit threat against a House of Representatives member, and, um, a Rosemary’s Baby remake?

“In the same week President Trump said cuts to Medicare and Medicaid are on the table, we now learn that his administration is set to propose benefit-slashing block grants on Medicaid expansion.” — Brad Woodhouse, Protect Our Care

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