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Programming note: Saturday at midnight, a science march episode of TO THE POINT airs; at 1 am, it’s a special ep of THE NICOLE SANDLER SHOW featuring Bernie Sanders.

Very sad news to report: Free Speech Radio News after 17 years of providing news programming, is ending its operations.

I cannot express fully how pleased and proud we are to add the venerable Peace Talks Radio to our broadcast roster. The show will air as part of our Revolution Saturdays at 8pm Central/9 pm Eastern, right between the peace-minded programs Clearing the FOG and Talk Nation Radio. Peace Talks Radio is a thoughtful program […]

Mark International Women’s Day and the #DayWithoutAWoman protest by supporting GDPR and other woman-owned independent progressive broadcasters and media!

We soon will become part of in an effort to give you another way to show your support for the work of GDPR REVOLUTION99. In the midst of the process, we put together a cool little video slide show. What do you think?

The time is NOW to stand against the hate-filled agenda of Drumpf. Get your daily marching orders from GDPR’s The Armchair Activist mailing list.

This action alert comes from People’s Action: Drumpf’s immigration order targeting seven Muslim-majority countries — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen — is creating chaos and misery around the world. The executive order mandates several points: It bars Syrian refugees from entering the US indefinitely, suspends all refugee admissions for 120 days, and blocks […]

Boots on the ground and direct action: These are what the People’s Revolution requires in the face of the fascist administration of Trump. This means sending emails and signing petitions, though great actions to take, are not enough for the resistance to take hold and be victorious. Jewish Voices for Peace shares these tips for […]

GDPR REVOLUTION99 is excited to announce two new additions to our broadcast schedule.

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