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On December 25, as is our annual tradition, GDPR will set aside its normal schedule to air a day of holiday cheer. Join us for a memorable way to ring in Christmas and Hanukkah — and a superb soundtrack for your celebrations.

Keep up with returns as they come in with Benjamin Dixon, David Pakman, and Sam Seder.

GDPR REVOLUTION99 is sending out massive positive healing beams to progressive talk host Nicole Sandler. The ebullient radio vet recently was diagnosed with lung cancer and her weekday show will be going on hiatus from the GDPR netwaves after her Thursday, Aug. 25 broadcast. Initially, Nicole had planned to do one-hour versions of her usually […]

As a Baltimore-born reporter, the findings released today by the US Department of Justice were no surprise to me. Yes, the criminal justice system there is unjust, racist, and brutal — and anyone paying attention has known this for many years. As NPR’s The Two-Way notes, “…[T]he report emphasizes that this is not a case […]

The mainstream media won’t give the exposure it provided to the Democratic and Republican conventions to the Green Party. We will. Whatever you support, you aren’t truly informed if you ignore the Greens. #GNCinHOU

‘What do those people want?” We’ve heard this question or some variation thereof from scads of humans scratching their heads after a Black Lives Matter protest or a college action by students of color demanding safety from institutional racism or a man or woman loses his or her cool following ANOTHER police stop. Now, there […]

This provocative commentary by Joel Meyers of Citizens for Legitimate Government is an eyeopening read whether or not you agree. Thanks to Joel for permitting GDPR Peace to share this op-ed. After the parade and thunderous pronouncement by recently “retired” Gen. John Allen at the Democratic Convention, it is now clear that Hillary Rodham Clinton is […]

For more than a decade, I blogged under the title All Facts & Opinions, then for nearly two and a half years under Progressive Nashville. Now, I am meandering through life up and down the east coast with no fixed spot, and will blog under a new title: GDPR Peace. Progressive issues, activism, working for peace […]

For the 17th year in a row and its second in Nashville, Grateful Dread Public Radio proudly brings Pride to the radio. Our On-Air LGBT Pride Fest takes place Sunday, June 26 from 10 am through 7 pm.

This gave me life today.

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