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Donald Drumpf is crisscrossing the nation in the guise of a new-millennium Mussolini, and the poison he spreads along the way — racism, xenophobia, misogyny, disdain for the poor — is infecting school children, say teachers in a new SPLC report. This likely will affect the US– and not in a good way — for at least a generation.

For April 14, Progressive Nashville shares two ways to make a difference: Add your voice to the call to charge Donald “Short Fingered Vulgarian” Trump for inciting violence and stand with #FightFor15 activists demanding a $15 per hour minimum wage.

The Nashville Peace & Justice Center regularly shares a listing of area peace-progressive events. We share it here, and the group encourages people to share the information widely. Please attend and support the events — do your part to help us all turn Tennessee purple! Coming up this week, Thursday’s #FightFor15 events, a house party […]

My god, I love the sweet, salty, porky goodness of bacon. Just typing those words makes me crave it. Thankfully, there is a healthier way to enjoy bacon’s deliciousness.

The following are links to progressive-issue action alerts recently received. Get busy: Take action for a better world. And remember the words of Alice Walker: “Activism is the rent [we] pay for living on this planet.” Today, we have news of two #FightFor15 rallies being held in Music City this week. In addition, we’re asking you to sign a […]

God bless our progressive mayor. I knew for sure that Megan Barry was a good egg and the right person to be Music City’s next mayor on June 26, 2015. That was the day the US Supreme Court finally did the right thing and made marriage equality the law of the land. No sooner had […]

If you, like many progressives, are wondering how to proceed should the Democratic establishment presidential candidate take the party’s nomination, you are not alone. A lot of people would be faced once again with the prospect of voting for a “lesser evil” candidate rather than casting a principled vote. Not only that, they would face […]

The following are links to progressive-issue action alerts we received throughout the weekend. Get busy: Take action for a better world. And remember the words of Alice Walker: “Activism is the rent [we] pay for living on this planet.” Today we seek to protect our transgender siblings from the wrath of the Republican-controlled and generally inhumane Tennessee State […]

Progressive Nashville – GDPR presents links to recent progressive-issue action alerts. Get busy: Take action for a better world.

Peace often starts with communicating nonviolently. And in Music City, the place to learn about nonviolent communication is NVC Nashville. The group now offers the services of a team of trainers for the community. This team can tailor an Intro to Nonviolent Communication course specifically geared to the needs of your organization, business, or community.  If […]

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