The Armchair Activist

THE ARMCHAIR ACTIVISTThose who aren’t a part of the solution are part of the problem. From fighting for human rights to protecting the environment, from struggling against the One Percent to demanding legal, social, and economic justice for all, much needs to be done to save the US and the world from itself and from the Trump threat.

We must DO SOMETHING, even if it’s from a computer keyboard or your cozy armchair.

Since 1996, THE ARMCHAIR ACTIVIST has worked to provide you with online and offline ways to help make a difference. This email list, part of the do-gooding efforts of GRATEFUL DREAD PUBLIC RADIO, sends activism alerts and news items addressing a variety of progressive causes, including the anti-Trump resistance. Care about doing your part? Join. It’s FREE.

If you have PROGRESSIVE action alerts or ideas to share, please do. If you have a hankering to hit the streets or a protest, do it. But even if you are most comfortable fighting the good fight from your chair, join us, and get busy.

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The ARMCHAIR ACTIVIST BLOG POSTS – ACTIVISM ALERTSMember or not, follow us on Twitter: @armactMembership is open to all persons interested in environmental, peace, social justice, LGBTQ, and progressive issues. Repeat: Our focus is liberal/progressive and we support peace, equality, community service, diversity, justice, left-wing activism, humanism, green life, altruism. Those posting pro-Trump, right-wing, or Tea Party material will be banned. Opposition research is welcome and discussion is encouraged, however there will be no debate of our basic organizational beliefs here, as we consider those matters settled.

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