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But there is a catch: Without public support from listener-members, there will be only silence. Our mission to be the peace-progressive internet public radio alternative directly depends on the financial contributions of people like you and me.

You can invest any amount you would like, and we thank you for whatever you can afford. However, becoming a full member will make you a true part of the family and leave you sure in the knowledge that you have done your part to make our music, news, entertainment and talk shows available to a community in need of diverse sounds and ideas.

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To join GDPR using your credit card or Paypal, CLICK HERE. Having a Paypal account is not necessary, as the service facilitates anyone using a credit card. (Be sure to send us your contact info when you donate via this method,  so we can offer you some cool rewards, however, we highly recommend Patreon for monthly donations.)

Contributions are not tax-deductible at this time, however, you do get the satisfaction of knowing that your membership fee goes toward operating expenses and the programming that will entertain, enlighten, inform and inspire progressives like yourself. Also, if you would like to get involved with the station by volunteering your efforts, joining our Board of Directors, offering programming for consideration by the GDPR Board if you are a local musician, broadcaster, or podcaster, or donating equipment, office furniture, supplies or anything else, please write us.

Organizations and businesses interested in on-air and website sponsorships or programming underwriting opportunities, please send us an email or phone us at (844) 843-2420 during regular business hours to get all the details.

If you need to contact us (and artists certainly are encouraged to send along releases they wish considered for airplay; be sure to include a signed, notarized statement giving GDPR and NR Davis permission in perpetuity to air your material pro bono for promotional purposes), write us:

c/o NR Davis, Program/Music Director
301 Ezell Pike #17784
Nashville, TN  37217

This is also the official mailing address for Grateful Dread Peace Media.

We are looking toward building partnerships with progressive, green and LGBT organizations and businesses, activists and artists. If you are involved with such a venture, odds are we’re on the same side in the world-fixing game; please contact us about the good we can do together for the community, and for your entity, via GDPR REVOLUTION99.