Motivated by a perilously divided nation in dire need of people- and planet-centered solutions to crises life-changing and life-threatening, Grateful Dread Peace Media and our Verdant Square Network exist to present, produce, and provide news and information in the public interest.  VSN is an independent, non-corporate entity dedicated to truth, facts, citizen action, fairness, and progressive/pacifist values, aligned with no political party. This network and its satellites, including VERDANT SQUARE RADIO, operate with those ideals in mind to disseminate peace-progressive news, information, and community-building opportunities via our proprietary, eco-friendly portal.

To take on the huge job of standing for and informing a sorely underserved segment of the population is arguably beneficial to the public — we provide them with information, diverse viewpoints, and coverage of topics and people the mainstream media often ignore or disparage. We take this role seriously; it is of massive importance and one vitally needed as media outlets decline and die. In order for us to do this work for the benefit of the public, we need the public’s help to build Verdant Square and its branches, particularly the radio, state, and regional efforts. Ultimately, it’s all about building informed communities, inspiring the grassroots, spreading people-centered progressive values, motivating positive citizen action, and making a Green New World where we all can grow, serve, and THRIVE.

For this reason, we ask you to join our effort, to partner with us. Please consider making whatever contribution you can afford and becoming a supporting member of Verdant Square Network / Verdant Square Radio.

As we continue to build the network — thanks to all who have helped so far — we will launch a Patreon campaign and channel shortly, but in the meantime (and your financial support right now is critical as we build and operate the mothership, the regional sites, and the radio station), any amount, one-time or monthly, you can donate would be greatly appreciated. At this time, contributions are not tax-deductible but know that all funds raised go toward the operations of this effort, which is here to serve YOU.

Mainstream media prove themselves a questionable source of record. Right-wingers apparently are too happy to contribute toward keeping their media alive. Why not progressives? Why not leftists? Consider lending support to a positive portal of information and community for those of us on the left, one independent of political party affiliation and corporate connections and available to all who can access it free of charge, no paywalls. Verdant Square Radio is, quite literally by, of, and for We The People.  Well, we the progressive-left people.

If a progressive-focused one-stop-shop of diverse voices and views in current affairs, activism, arts, culture, and more on a news site that believes opinions are great, but facts are facts sounds enticing…

If a safe space for progressives and like-minded individuals to network and organize and build community intrigues…

If a repository of resource information, calendars, toolkits, and more for progressives is something you can use…

If a central place for people and organizations to publicize events and efforts — in a portal made for their home state — sounds beneficial…

If you know an independent news portal and forum allowing local and regional progressive groups and people to have their say is something precious… wonderfully American… and increasingly rare in these dark days…

Support independent media. Support progressive media.

Please support Verdant Square Radio and help us to serve you.

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