Fight the New Jim Crow Friday in Progressive Nashville

activism rentThe in-box held this great progressive activism opportunity that shouted, “Share me!”

The event info comes from Black Lives Matter, which says this happening is for everybody:

Many of us spent the past year really hitting the ground hard organizing and fighting back against attacks that our people are facing everyday—through Black Lives Matter, Fight for $15, fighting for DAPA and to end deportations, organizing strikes, fighting for workers’ rights, LGBTQ rights, women’s reproductive rights, and more!


What’s clear is that we’re in a moment right now that some of us (most of us??) haven’t seen before. We’ve been part of a groudswell of grassroots movement that’s deep and personal and intense and exciting. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, and challenging to move beyond a series of tactics to take time to strategize together about what we want, and who can give it to us.


If you’re at all feelin’ this type of way, you should come to the first workshop in a series to help familiarize and engage us around strategic thinking and principles that radicals and revolutionaries have used throughout movements to build power.


The first workshop will be focused on the New Jim Crow led by Ash-Lee Henderson, of Project South, among the national leadership of the Movement for Black Lives, and committed Left organizer and strategist. It’ll get us to think about what the people who have power now in the South have used as strategies to get here, and what the keys to their holding onto power are.


It’s going to be the evening of Friday, Sept. 11, 68 pm
 at American Baptist College.


The remainder of the series will focus on tools for analyzing the political moment—figuring out who the enemy is, what the forces on our side can do and who they should work with, etc; and strategy for building united fronts we’ll need to win, and ideas for how to work with different sections of that front.


The series is aimed at all of us who have a Big Picture vision and want long term plans for the Left to fight for and build power—not just challenge those who already hold power in one campaign after another.


Please RSVP to me if this sounds exciting to you and you wanna come! We want to make sure to accommodate everyone who’s down, and at the same time be mindful of voices that are often marginalized or excluded in our society. Please let us know if you will need translation or childcare. Questions? Hollar at me (or Ash-lee)!

Anne Barnett & Ash-lee Henderson

865-206-6086 & 423-794-6434

Prior to the event, you may wish to read the opening chapter of  The New Jim Crow.

Again, the workshop is Friday from 6-8 pm at the American Bible College, 1800 Baptist World Center Drive, 37207.

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