Action Alert: Demand Release of Detained Migrant Women & Kids

National People’s Action is calling on progressives to stand up for women, children, and families suffering in US immigration detention.

From NPA’s action alert:

After 100 miles and eight days of walking, 100 immigrant women and their families just arrived in Washington, DC, to send a message to Pope Francis during his visit: We must create a world where immigrants are treated with dignity.

The pope has said that we need to respond to the globalization of migration by globalizing compassion and cooperation. We agree — that’s why several leaders with National People’s Action affiliates from across the country joined this 100-mile walk.

And yet, the United States continues to jail children and families who came to the US seeking refuge from violence. Kids as young as infants are kept in deplorable conditions — it’s not only immoral, but it violates US and international law.

The conditions for refugee children at these detention centers are simply horrendous. “The kids were really sick,” said an immigration lawyer who has assisted refugees in New Mexico. “A lot of the moms were holding them in their arms, even the older kids — holding them like babies, and they’re screaming and crying, and some of them are lying there listlessly.”

Not only is the way we’re treating these families lacking in compassion — it’s against the law. In July, a federal judge in California ruled that this kind of detention is a serious violation of a longstanding court settlement, and these families should be released.

Just as the 100 brave immigrant women have walked 100 miles to Washington to send a message of compassion, there is one step we can take today to make our world one that treats immigrants with dignity: Stop detaining women and families who are seeking refuge from violence.

NPA asks for good people to sign a petition to be delivered to US Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson.

Get busy; sign the petition. It’s the moral thing to do.

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