Action Alert: Demand a Federal Probe of Sandra Bland’s Death

Sandra Bland
Sandra Bland

Texas police say motorist Sandra Bland, arrested after an allegedly brutal traffic stop and found dead in her cell three days later, died from suicide. Her family and friends say she was due to start a new job and would not try to take her life. A video of the traffic stop was reportedly edited heavily, though officials say cuts in the footage are due to a glitch. And what did police mean by, “I will light you up”? The truth must be known, and an impartial arbiter must answer the many questions surrounding Bland’s death, because her life mattered.

MoveOn needs petition signatures calling on the US Department of Justice to intervene and launch an immediate and independent federal investigation into Bland’s traffic stop, arrest, and death. This case may provide one more example of how African-Americans are treated by law enforcement in the United States. Demand credible, truthful answers.

Get busy. Sign the petition: We cannot allow the local police to investigate themselves. The Department of Justice has the authority—and power—to find out what happened to Sandra Bland.

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