I am still on a high following last night’s Nashville stop of the Bernie Sanders campaign’s Tennessee State Volunteer Tour. Nearly 300 people from across the Metro area were on hand at the United Auto Workers Hall to meet with Bernie 2016 staffers and to launch a mission to recruit 5,000 Tennessee volunteers to spread the word about the Man from Vermont and his revolutionary, people-focused grassroots campaign.

TAO OF BERNIEBernie’s campaign is not like any other campaign you’ve seen. We welcome everyone: Early in the event, the staffers called on conservatives to raise their hands. There indeed were right-leaning people in the house, and they tentatively put their hands into the air. They were embraced with a rousing show of applause. This really is about the people, and that means all people — left, center, and right. America becomes great when it works for all of us, when we all have hope for a better life and to experience the American dream that isn’t possible when the One Percent has most of the wealth and the rest of us get crumbs. Bernie Sanders knows it, and so do his supporters.

The Bernie 2016 plan is as revolutionary as the man himself. No limousines and fancy expense accounts here: The expectation is that the grassroots will do the work that needs to be done to recruit new voters, to convince already registered voters from all persuasions to throw their support to Sanders’s populist effort, to handle the publicity and canvassing and phone banking and flyering, and to formulate new ideas to spread the Tao of Bernie.

A number of us met with staffers Zack and Corbin for coffee at the Germantown Red Bicycle to talk strategy and to learn about the unique Bernie 2016 campaign model. Joining me for a super chat were fellow Tennessee for Bernie members Trevor Adamson, Laurie Stevens, Joe Molinari, and Ramon Wood, and Benny Overton of the United Auto Workers (thanks to Benny, who’s also involved with Workers Dignity and the WDYO radio project, for obtaining the space for the event). Zack explained the model — which he called a “do-ocracy”– to the crowd at the UAW hall Thursday evening:

After Zack’s speech and some empowering words from Ramon Wood, the audience broke up into small groups based on geography and group affiliations (Women, LGBTQ, African-Americans, Latinos, Labor, Veterans, Students) and went to work, exchanging contact information and starting to plan events to Metro Nashville and Tennessee. (Watch out Antioch – Cane Ridge – Smyrna, lots is coming your way!) There are not enough words to describe how empowering and exhilarating the night was. If you’d like to get a taste of what it’s like to be among people so dedicated to each other and to the cause for getting this nation back to putting We The People first, JOIN US. A great place to start is with Tennessee For Bernie Sanders. We would love to have you in our ranks.

Here is a taste of Thursday’s excitement:

Be sure to keep up with what’s happening via The Daily Bern, here at Progressive Nashville. I suspect there will be lots of information to share.



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