Tonight on GDPR: Sanders Speech, Are College ‘Safe Spaces’ Racist?

pakman bigDiverse Sounds and Ideas abound on Grateful Dread Public Radio, and this afternoon and evening are representative of that.

Some highlights (are times are Central Zone):

  • We’re re-running Sen Bernie Sanders‘ Nov. 19 speech at Georgetown University at 3:50 pm. If you want to know why an increasing number of USians are Feeling the Bern, take a listen and get to know Bernie.
  • The David Pakman Show discusses the new phenomenon of “no-whites-allowed spaces” on college campuses at 6pm. Is this a smart way to combat racism or merely another permutation of the evil? He also features an interesting conversation on fancy coffee trends with Kevin Sinnott, author of The Art and Craft of Coffee, and creator/host of CoffeeCon :The Consumer Coffee Festival.
  • In the wake of the Parisian attacks, war and peace report Democracy Now looks at growing tensions between Western Europeans and the Muslim community at 8 pm.
  • The definition of democratic socialism and the Koch Brothers and prison reform will be among the topics discussed during the three hours of  The Thom Hartmann Show at 9 pm.
  • Also get the latest world news throughout the night from the Feature Story News team.

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