Antiwar/Peace Movement

Guest author Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut shares his view on Trump’s proposed $110 billion Saudi arms deal.

Boots on the ground and direct action: These are what the People’s Revolution requires in the face of the fascist administration of Trump. This means sending emails and signing petitions, though great actions to take, are not enough for the resistance to take hold and be victorious. Jewish Voices for Peace shares these tips for […]

The mainstream media won’t give the exposure it provided to the Democratic and Republican conventions to the Green Party. We will. Whatever you support, you aren’t truly informed if you ignore the Greens. #GNCinHOU

David Swanson, host ofGDPR’s Talk Radio Nation, has just released his new book, War Is A Lie: Second Edition. As with the 2010 first edition, David takes on a status quo that tolerates the existence of war. The author says war is not inevitable, it is not needed, it is not moral, and that people of peace […]

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