Progressive Megan Barry faces Right-wing fave David Fox for mayor.
Progressive Megan Barry faces Right-wing fave David Fox for mayor.

By the end of this day, we should know the identity of Nashville’s new mayor. Will it be progressive Megan Barry? Or will we be forced to endure a reign of terror under Fox News-anointed mudslinger and Tea Party Super PAC and One Percent-financed and organized muscle man David Fox? That depends on what we do today. If you are registered, vote. Tell your progressive and thinking friends and associates to get to the polls and do their civic duty. Drive people to polling places if need be. Word on the street is that the race between Barry and Fox is super close — a mind-boggling and frightening thought in and of itself; how did that happen, Nashville? — so every vote counts. Do not let the right wing get its controlling, equality extinguishing, wealth-celebrating hands on Music City’s municipal government. VOTE.

  • See the two take on questions on local issues head to head in the Aug. 16 NOAH candidate forum.
  • See WPLN’s roundup of candidate coverage.
  • Need to know where to vote? Don’t forget: Tennessee, being a voter suppression state, requires a photo ID. Take your voter card too, just in case. Living in the south, progressives simply cannot trust the system will protect the integrity of our votes, so better to have more identification than you may need, just in case…
  • Polls are open until 7 pm.

Seems to us the choice for mayor is pretty clear for progressives. Get busy and vote; Nashville’s future depends on it.

By the way, once the polls close, Barry supporters will wait out the vote count at the Nashville Farmers’ Market, 900 Rosa L Parks Blvd, 37208. There will be food, music, excitement, and, with any luck, a celebration of a new day for Music City.

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