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Fare thee well, GDPR, my only true one…

Happy new year from Nashville, y’all! GDPR REVOLUTION99 has a new URL – – and we’re hosted by the same broadcast company, but on a brand new server. Our signal is clearer and stronger than ever before! Tune in and turn on!!! If you’re not a GDPR patron or supporter, this is a great […]

For more than a decade, I blogged under the title All Facts & Opinions, then for nearly two and a half years under Progressive Nashville. Now, I am meandering through life up and down the east coast with no fixed spot, and will blog under a new title: GDPR Peace. Progressive issues, activism, working for peace […]

Originally published Aug. 21, 2003 on All Facts and Opinions and on LA Progressive; I am rerunning this to give you something to consider on this Election Day Affirmative action is a sticky subject for me. The Progressive Left tends to back “race”-based preferences in certain institutions: The idea, many liberals say, is to achieve […]

I get variations on that demand every damn day. Musing on that while web surfing, I remembered being interviewed by a stellar web journalist and activist who ended up becoming a dear, dear friend, though we never met face to face. His name was Rod Amis, publisher of Global Beat Generator-21 World Magazine, an activist […]

Originally posted on All Facts and Opinions April 22, 2010 An interesting and sad day:  I lost a friend. This morning, I found out that a longtime meatspace pal, a once thoughtful individual who over the years has become more tightly connected to the vicious anti-LGBT Right, secretly unfriended me on Facebook. Talk about a […]

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